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TBD - 2 Day Workshop

Monday/Tuesday June 10th & 11th, 09:00-18:00

Understanding Akka Cluster Through Raspberry-Pi Cluster Visualization

About this Workshop

Understanding how to use Akka clusters effectively is well worth the effort. Ask anyone that “gets it.” In this workshop, we use a simple yet powerful visualization of a 5-node, RaspberryPi-based cluster to reveal the inner workings of Akka Cluster. In a matter of minutes, you will gain a strong understanding of clustering.

Required Knowledge

  • No prior knowledge of Akka is required, just an open mind and curiosity about learning Akka
  • Basic notions of Clustering
  • Basic exposure to terminal / command line
  • Java 8, sbt, ability to clone git repo


Eric Loots

Eric's a Scala & Akka champion, a global course instructor for Lightbend. Eric began programming in various machine languages some odd 35 years ago, subsequently passing via C and Java to Scala and Akka. Eric's glad with the coming of age of Reactive Systems and enjoys helping others learn to build them.

Kiki Carter

I have a passion for leading enterprise transformations, creating innovative solutions using emerging technologies to modernize heritage environments. I find a certain joy developing large scale distributed systems using Reactive Principles, especially when building with Lightbend Reactive Platform - Akka and friends. I have slight Scala bias, but at least half of my time is spent with Java. I enjoy the benefits of broad industry experience having worked in entertainment, hospitality, retail, life science and others. I do play favorites, but you’ll have to ask on the right day. My personal passion project involves non-profit missions in anti human trafficking with focus on prevention and aftercare.