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Union Square - 2 Day Workshop

Monday/Tuesday June 18th & 19th, 09:00-16:00

Building Spark Apps With a Flexible, Proven Project Template

About this Workshop

Go from (almost) zero to hero with a proven approach to development with Scala and Spark. We'll get you up and running with IntelliJ, Scala, Spark, and sbt using a highly adaptable base project that has been improved and tweaked over the years. You'll be able to develop and test Spark jobs, in Scala (interfacing with Hive, Hbase, Kafka, and more) .

We'll provide high-level overviews of all products and then give you specific, hands-on instruction in completing a series of exercises that create and test sophisticated Spark jobs on your laptop.

Required Knowledge

  • Very basic knowledge of Scala
  • High-level understanding of Spark

Learning Objectives

Attendees leave with:

  • The ability to create and test sophisticated Spark jobs on their laptops
  • An understanding of the importance of test coverage
  • How to implement effective test coverage for Scala and Spark jobs
  • An understanding of and ability to exploit sbt, scalatest, Scala, Spark, Kafka, and HBase


Austin Henslee

By day, Austin leads a team of scientists and engineers in the pursuit of data insights. By night, he teaches two graduate classes, in Big Data Analytics, at the University of Texas at Dallas - working to develop students into successful data analysts. Both classes heavily feature Scala and Spark.

Johan Muedsam

Johan Muedsam is a Principal Big Data Software Engineer at AT&T. He’s been working in the Telecommunications and IT Industries since 1993 developing distributed and real-time systems as a Software Engineer and Architect.

Ronen Kahana
Principal Systems Engineer, AT&T Chief Data Office

Ronen is a Principal System Engineer at AT&T’s Chief Data Office. Practicing software development and enterprise architecture since the late 90’s, he is now designing and implementing ML and AI at scale using Scala, Spark, Hadoop, and Kafka.