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Empire Ballroom East - Foundations

Wednesday June 20th, 15:15-16:00

You Are A Scala Contributor

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About this Session

Scala is a community-based language. A few people at Lightbend and the Scala Center are paid to facilitate, but ultimately Scala succeeds or doesn't because of you. This talk is about how to participate effectively in open-source work happening in the scala/* repositories on GitHub. You'll learn the overall lay of the land as well as advice on contributing in specific areas such as websites and documentation, issue reporting, Scala modules, the Scala standard library, and even the Scala compiler.



Seth Tisue

I've been a member of the Scala team at Lightbend since 2015. My main interests are compilers and interpreters, functional programming, and open-source software. I've been active in the Scala community since 2008, in venues such as the Scalawags podcast, the Northeast Scala Symposium, and everywhere people talk about Scala online. Before joining Lightbend, I used Scala to build the compiler and other tools for NetLogo, an open-source programming language for kids, teachers, and scientists.